Previous Pilot Projects


  • Hang Yin (University of Georgia)
    Muscle stem cell disease models
  • Roger Deal (Emory University)
    Chromatin transitions during early human development
  • Jonathan Dennis (Florida State University)
    Chromosome architecture in pluripotent stem cells


  • David Gilbert (Florida State University)
    Integrated approaches to understanding cell fate transitions
  • Stephen Dalton (University of Georgia)
    Integrated approaches to understanding cell fate transitions
  • Victor Corces (University of Georgia)
    Integrated approaches to understanding cell fate transitions


  • Victor Corces (Emory University)
    Chromosome remodeling during early neural differentiation
  • Beedel, Steet, Aoki (University of Georgia)
    Lineage-specific glycan expression and function in muscular dystrophies and congenital disorders of glycosylation


  • Trish Labosky (Vanderbilt University)
    Molecular control of human ESC pluripotency
  • Lianchun Wang (University of Georgia)
    The biological functions of heparan sulfate in human embryonic stem cells
  • Hengbin Wang (University of Alabama, Birmingham)
    Role of newly identified PRC2 subunit esPRC2p48 in ES cell pluripotent gene expression program
  • Brian Chadwick (Florida State University)
    Determination of the epigenomic state of DXZ4 in naïve human induced pluripotent stem cells


  • Keith Robertson (Georgia Health Sciences University)
    Epigenetic regulation of cardiac lineage differentiation in human embryonic stem (ES) cells
  • Shaying Zhou (University of Georgia)
    Gene Promoter Nucleosome Positioning Changes during Cell Differentiation by MNase-Seg
  • Aaron Bowman and Kevin Ess (Vanderbilt University)
    Genotype-Phenotype Correlations in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells 


  • Takashi Hamazaki (University of Florida)
    Activation of endogenous reprogramming genes by site-selective HDAC inhibition
  • Tim Logan (Florida State University)
    Profiling metabolism in differentiating human embryonic stem cells
  • Young-sup Yoon (Emory University)
    Generation of human iPS cells using epigenetic small molecule regulators


  • Nancy Manley (University of Georgia)
    Development of pharyngeal endoderm-derived organ fates from hESCs
  • Nao Terada (University of Florida)
    Facilitating cardiac differentiation of hESCs by beta-catenin modulation
  • Shaying Zhao (University of Georgia)
    How are composite LTR-retrotransposon-like elements DA and Xiao maintained in the human genome?