Pilot Project Funding in Pluripotent Stem Cell Biology

General Information

Each year, Pilot Project funding ($50k direct for one year) is available to support meritorious projects relating to human pluripotent stem cell biology. Over the last 5 years, 15 Pilot Projects have been awarded to investigators in the southeast region from seven institutions.

Successful proposals are generally funded for one year only, although in special circumstances, funding into a second year can be requested. Funding is made available through a NIGMS-funded Program Project, directed by Dr. Stephen Dalton (UGA). Applications are invited by June 1 of each year and should be sent to Ms. Mandy Alford electronically (malford@uga.edu). Proposals should address a fundamental aspect of pluripotent stem cell biology (see previous awardees), be high potential impact and if possible, be synergistic with activities of the Program Project. The Program is especially interested in supporting those in the southeast region who seek to transition into pluripotent stem cell biology and/or for the purpose of generating preliminary data for RO1-type proposals. New/young investigators are encouraged to apply.

There are no forms or specific format for the proposal, but it should be 2-3 pages in length and should address significance, experimental plan, a brief budget and future plans for the project once the pilot project funding is completed. Proposals are reviewed by the Program Project Executive Committee, which makes recommendations regarding funding.

For further information, please contact Mandy Alford (malford@uga.edu).